Queensland Rocketry Society Inc – Payments

QRS Membership Payment Options

Queensland Rocketry Society Inc. offers a range of membership types designed to cater for most members.

The fees associated with these membership types do vary depending on the type and frequency of flying activity engaged in.

Certain membership types may also require additional licensing and registration with external bodies ranging from State Government bodies to international organisations that regulate and ensure high-powered rocketry. Details of these external requirements will be provided where required.


Membership Types

Flying Member

Flying Members receive all club benefits including access to information, invitations to club functions and active participation in rocket launching activities at QRS launch events. There are no monthly launch fees.

Please note: All flying members will also need to be a member of Tripoli Rocketry Association. HPR flyers will need Explosives Licence/ Clearance, etc.

$70.00 Annual Fee New/Renewal Membership

Auto Fee Renewal

Autorenew QRS membership fees

Social Member

Social/Supporting Members receive the benefits of access to information and invitations to club functions but cannot actively participate in rocket launching activities.

$30.00 Annual Fee New/Renewal Membership

Guest Launch

Guests can launch their own rockets with QRS for a launch fee provided evidence of TRA membership can be produced.

$10.00 Flight Event Fee 

Sponsored Launch

If a non-member brings their own low power rocket and would like to fly it before joining, a one-day sponsorship can be provided whereby a member will supervise and act as a responsible party for the launch of the rocket. The rocket may be launched up to 3 times.

$10.00 Temporary  Membership

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