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Queensland Rocketry Society Inc.

Let Us Ignite Your Passion for Rocketry

Located in the heart of South East Queensland, our club is a vibrant community of rocketry enthusiasts who gather monthly at our CASA-approved launch site in Jimboomba. Whether you’re fascinated by the sleek design of Model Rockets or the thrilling power of High-Powered Rocketry, our club is the perfect launch pad for your adventures into the wide Queensland skies.

Monthly Launches: A Sky Full of Possibilities

Our Jimboomba Launch site is not just a launch pad; it’s a place where friendships take off, and the excitement never lands. With safety and fun as our co-pilots, these events are your chance to witness rocketry in action, participate in launches, and learn from experienced members.

Check Out the Video Below and find out why - QRS is Rocketry

All Ages Welcome: A Community United by Thrust and Theory

Rocketry knows no age limits, and neither does our club. From young astronauts in the making to seasoned engineers, our community is diverse, inclusive, and always eager to welcome new members. Whether you’re looking to build your first rocket or share your expert knowledge, there’s a place for you here.

Model Rocketry: Designs that Touch the Sky

Discover the joy of Model Rocketry with us. It’s an activity that combines creativity, engineering, and a bit of magic. Our club provides the resources and support to design, build, and launch your creations. See your dreams fly on a smoke and fire trail, reaching for the sky.

High Powered Rocketry: Unleash Your Ambitions

For those who crave more power, our High Powered Rocketry projects are sure to thrill. These rockets push the limits of amateur rocketry, reaching higher altitudes and faster speeds. Under the guidance of our experienced members and adhering to safety regulations, you’ll learn to build and launch rockets that truly impress.

Join Us: Become Part of Something Extraordinary

Ready to embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and excitement?

Join the Queensland Rocketry Society today! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, you’ll find a welcoming community, endless knowledge, and the sheer joy of rocketry. Visit our website to learn more about membership, upcoming launches, and how you can be part of our next big adventure.

Contact us to start your rocketry journey, ask questions, or attend our next launch. 

Queensland Rocketry Society Inc : Where the Sky is NOT the Limit; it’s Just the beginning!

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