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History of Queensland Rocketry Society Inc 2007 to 2024


The Queensland Rocketry Society (QRS), since its inception, has been at the forefront of promoting rocketry as a hobby and educational pursuit in Queensland, Australia. From humble beginnings in 2007, QRS has grown to become a pivotal entity in the Australian rocketry community, championing the cause of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the fascinating lens of rocketry.

2007-2010: Foundation and Early Growth

  • 2007: The Queensland Rocketry Society was founded by a group of aerospace enthusiasts. The goal was simple: to provide a safe, legal, and fun environment for people to come together and launch rockets.
  • 2008: Hosted its first public launch event, attracting a modest but enthusiastic crowd. This event marked QRS as a serious contender in the realm of amateur rocketry in Australia.
  • 2009: Achieved official recognition from local authorities and the Australian Model Rocket Society (AMRS), bolstering its legitimacy and enabling it to conduct larger, more ambitious launches.
  • 2010: Introduced educational outreach programs in local schools, aiming to inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists, and astronauts. Membership saw a significant increase as public awareness grew.

2011-2014: Expansion and Community Engagement

  • 2011: Launched the first annual Rocketry Festival, attracting hobbyists from across the country and featuring workshops, competitions, and spectacular launch displays.
  • 2012: Implemented advanced safety protocols and launch technologies, leading to a record of zero safety incidents and a commendation from the AMRS.
  • 2013: Expanded its reach by collaborating with universities on research projects, including payload experiments and rocket design innovations.
  • 2014: Celebrated its first member to achieve Level 3 High Power Rocketry certification, marking a milestone in the society’s pursuit of higher-level rocketry activities.

2015-2018: Technological Advancements and High-Profile Projects

  • 2015: Partnered with the Queensland University of Technology to launch a high-altitude research rocket, reaching an altitude of over 15,000 feet.
  • 2016: Introduced a rocketry scholarship program for students pursuing aerospace studies, funded by donations and fundraising activities.
  • 2017: QRS’s work in rocketry education was recognized with a national award for STEM promotion, significantly enhancing its profile and attracting international members.
  • 2018: Hosted the International Rocketry Conference in Brisbane, showcasing Queensland’s contributions to the hobbyist and educational rocketry sectors on a global stage.

2019-2022: Innovation and Global Recognition

  • 2019: Launched the QRS App, a mobile application for rocketry enthusiasts to calculate flight trajectories, log launches, and connect with the community.
  • 2020: Despite challenges posed by global events, QRS successfully conducted virtual workshops and seminars, maintaining engagement and continuous learning.
  • 2021: Played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Amateur Rocketry Summit, further solidifying its position in the international rocketry community.
  • 2022: Achieved a significant technological milestone by successfully launching a rocket powered by a hybrid engine developed in collaboration with Australian universities.

2023-2024: Looking Towards the Future

  • 2023: Launched an environmental initiative, adopting eco-friendly rocket propulsion technologies and conducting clean-up drives at launch sites.
  • 2024: Celebrated the society’s 17th anniversary with the announcement of the QRS Future Rocketeers Program, aimed at providing comprehensive rocketry education to underprivileged youth.


Over the span of nearly two decades, the Queensland Rocketry Society has evolved from a small group of passionate individuals into a cornerstone of the Australian rocketry community. Through its dedication to safety, education, and innovation, QRS has not only advanced the hobby of rocketry but has also inspired countless individuals to look towards the skies with wonder and ambition. As it moves forward, the society continues to embrace new challenges and opportunities, driven by the boundless enthusiasm of its members and the ever-expanding possibilities of space exploration.

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