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Prepare for an extraordinary journey with Queensland Rocketry Society’s,  where the skies are not the limit but just the beginning! Our new website is currently fueling up for launch, promising to bring you an out-of-this-world experience that will propel your passion for rocketry to new heights.

🌟 What’s Coming?

  • Launch Calendar: Get front-row seats to spectacular launches that will take your breath away.
  • Membership Portal: Join our crew of enthusiasts and experts, all ready to share their knowledge and adventures.
  • Educational Resources: Whether you’re a budding astronaut or a seasoned engineer, our curated content will enrich your understanding and love for space exploration.
  • Community Hub: Connect, collaborate, and celebrate with fellow rocketry enthusiasts from the local area, around Australia and Internationally

Check the “QRS is Rocketry” Video Below.

The countdown is continuing until the next QRS launch day.

Sunday 14th  April 2024 at 8.00am at Cedar Grove, Jimboomba.



To reach the Queensland Rocketry Society’s Launch Site 2, 441-489 Cedar Grove Road at Cedar Grove near Jimboomba, start from Jimboomba and head south on Mount Lindesay Highway (Route 13) for about 9.5 km. 

After passing the sign for Cedar Vale, turn right into Cedar Grove Road and follow it for approximately 4.5 km. 

The launch site is on the right-hand side, visible from the road after passing through Cedar Grove and over a rise. 

For GPS navigation, use coordinates: South 27.85325, East 152.96258

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